Kate Carson-Groner

Performer | Writer | Artist

#8 The Labyrinth (the movie)

Could it be that The Labyrinth is

just one big metaphor for anxiety?

That Sarah has to navigate

A seemingly endless series of dead ends and narrow passages

To free herself from a Goblin King

Who has no power over her. 

Toby, her baby brother,

represents herself as unencumbered being.

And her friends

Who she has pushed away

Are only needed once she is free.

Maybe it's more about addiction

As Jareth is a powerful

and sexy

and enticing creature

But so dangerous.

Loving him means demise

And losing him means you watch the world you built

crumble into blackness.

Maybe Sarah is addicted to her anxiety.

She needs the isolation that it brings

but knows that it's unhealthy.

It's difficult


to find which parts 

are garbage

and which

are truth.