Kate Carson-Groner

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#1 Snow in April

I was going to write a poem

About the weather in Chicago

How it snowed in April, then got warm, then snowed again.

It shouldn't be surprising

Snow in April

It happens every year.

But I still feel hurt by this spring snow.

I was going to write this poem

After walking my dog.

We slept in a bit, then stared reluctantly out the window

at the dreary day.

We always walk North, towards Buena (which means nice...good...)

But he pulled me South

It shouldn't be surprising

but it was.

And while we walked South

Someone was shot on Buena (which means nice...good...)

Someone was shot in the chest

And the shooters got away.

I didn't hear the shots

But I saw lights and heard sirens

As I closed the gate behind us

And fed the dog

And found out it was a shooting

And sat down to write a poem

About snow in April

But found that I couldn't

write that poem

at all.