Kate Carson-Groner

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#33 Cute French Couple

Cute French Couple just came into the store

Holding hands

Looking very American

But then whispering in the language of love.

They bought candles,

And left them here so they could take in the Cubs game unencumbered.

They were so cute.

So in love.

So insanely attractively French.


#32 Old Dog

My old grumpy dog

has more gray than before

More grump than before

And more lumps than before

His joints hurt when he jumps

And he sleeps most of the day 

And through the night.

He hates the rain

and loves cuddling

Until you make him move.

He's my little monster.

#30 Thirty

I often misspeak

And say I am thirty

When I am that plus one

It's not fun

Being older than you feel.

For so long I felt 25.

Even as a 12-year-old

I longed not just for college

But the years beyond.

Adulthood and apartments and being comfortable in heels.

Some of those things happened, others didn't.

But also I did get older

And now my years have passed my soul a bit

And it is strange.

And will only get worse with time.

#29 I Still Hate Flying

I think I convince myself

That I am strong

And brave

And that there's nothing strange about soaring through the air

In a metal cylinder with wings

With dozens of strangers

And recycled air

And half-poured sodas in plastic drawers

And seats

That double as flotation devices

In the event of a water landing

Like landing in water

Is just a a landing

And not a crash.

I think I still hate flying.

#28 Renovation nation


Even though women

Are "supposed" to be homemakers

When someone else

Comes into your home

To make it better,

He doesn't want to hear

About your thoughts

Or feelings

On the tile or wood or grout or paint.

How would you know?

Silly woman.


#26 FedEx/Kinko's WTF

I go to FedEx Kinko's

To make some photo prints.

I shouldn't ever go there

Due to incompetence.

A graveyard of machinery

In plastic blue and gray

Malfunctioning equipment

Why would a person stay?

The sign upon the printer says

To ask an employee

But despite many wand'rings

Not one worker do I see.

Finally I spot her

Her shirt purple and black

And ask her what the deal is

When will functionality come back?

"It's just not going to happen"

She says in tone resigned.

"Just go to CVS."

I do, a photo print to find.

#25 Baby Leo 3

I have now learned

That there is nothing that catches my heart in my throat

Quite like my husband

Holding his first nephew.

The pride of family

The fear of fragility

The love.

Hormones and love and infants are powerful things.

And maybe, someday, he will hold a baby that is his.


And my heart will explode.

#24 Baby Leo 2

Nothing breaks down barriers

Like babies do

Grown men bounce 

Speak in silly voices

Coo and crow and babble at the tiny babe

If only war negotiations

Were supplied with babies

Perhaps fewer conflicts would begin.

For nothing seems as silly as war

When there are babies to bounce

And babble with