Kate Carson-Groner

Performer | Writer | Artist

#14 Patio

There's a special warmth in your cheeks

After a walk in the sun

And a long day of work

And a patio dinner at sunset.

The cold air nearly undetectable

Until the walk home

When shivers overtake you.

And even the two blocks home

Seem like miles of frigid tundra,

But you welcome the cold

Because it could be colder.  

It could be winter again.

And even this bone-chilling moment

Brings the hope of spring.

And you make it those two blocks,

And you snuggle in a blanket,

And the warmth of the dinner wine flushes your cheeks and nose.

And slowly moves down your arms and legs

Like spring rolling in to melt the last bits of snow

That linger in the darkest corners of bleak parking lots.